About Foot 2 Afrika

Foot 2 Afrika (F2A) is a ‘certified’ Tanzanian non-governmental organization (NGO #004310)  that focuses on providing care, intervention, material support and service volunteer to over 14 Kilimanjaro region community organizations.  We support projects that initiate positive changes that educate, motivate and inspire the youth and women of Africa.  Each year, hundreds of intelligent, committed, visionary, caring individuals from around the world are connected to these organizations resulting in improved living for Tanzanians. Future plans include the Moshi Youth Village.


We seek to bring positive change to the Kilimanjaro community, to ensure that each person has the opportunity to live a full life, and to encourage more people to join us in our work.


Our mission is to identify vulnerable groups in the community and prevent human suffering to protect life, health and ensure respect for every human being. We work hand in hand with other organizations (such as orphanages, and centers for homeless children) to provide this support and also directly with vulnerable individuals.


  • Provide advice and guidance to vulnerable individuals and other organizations
  • Plan, seek funding for, and implement income generating projects to help sustain centers supporting vulnerable people
  • Facilitate fundraising for vulnerable individuals and other organizations
  • Develop a Youth Village aimed at improving employability of vulnerable youth and promoting self-reliance
  • Partner with other relevant local, government, volunteers and international organizations with similar objectives to ensure our mission is achieved